Our staff is smaller in number during early business hours (8:30-9:45am) if you’re in a hurry or, want an appointment with a desired technician, make sure to call ahead of time to ensure your appointment.
All appointments or cancellations must be made at least an hour prior to desire time.
Appointments and cancellations must be made through the business phone.

Lunch Rush
We welcome walk-ins, however, during lunch hours, expect a wait. If you don't want to wait; call to make an appointment with a specific technician. Should you find yourself unable to make it to your appointment, please call at least an hour ahead to cancel and we will be happy to reschedule. There is a 5 MINUTES grace period before and after your appointment time. If we do not receive a call prior to your appointment time, your appointment may be forfeited. For polish change or repair services, we encourage you to come before 11:30 or after 2:00pm.

No-Chip Polish Policy
No-chip Manicures last up to 3 weeks depending on your daily activities, habits, and type of work. We will fix minor chip within 7 days from the service date free of charge.
Any repairs after 7 days from the service date will be charged.
Please call ahead for an appointment for repairs. If you walk in, we will take you on a first come first serve basis.
Repairs do not include any color change.

Refund Policy
No refund on services and products.

Cash for gratuity is greatly appreciated.
We do not accept checks.

For every $100 spent in cash, you will receive $5 off for your next visit.

Thank you.